Friday, August 04, 2006

pics of Eden and the twins

I got to go see Eden Jude last night! Woohoo, was he ever cute. But it sure assured me I DO NOT WANT ANOTHER INFANT!!!!!!!!!! Anna Clare is (in my opinion) the exclaimation point on the fertile years of my life. Anyway, this is Eden Jude Urias. His feet are HUGE! I forgot to put that picture on here but his feet (and hands) are bigger than Anna's are now.

This is Eden and Rachel.
Eden while his great-aunt Lisa is holding him. I got to burp him, too. I'm a very good burper.
This is Eden looking at his Daddy, Noe. Can you believe Noe actually wanted me to give this baby up so he could have some time with his son? Hmmmph, some nerve. Just kiddin', Noe!

Here is the sonogram picture of James and Rica's twins. Aren't they cute? There will be pics of them when they make their debut, too. Twice the fun!

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amber said...

Cuteness! I hadn't seen any pictures yet...