Sunday, August 13, 2006

Your first year

One year old. Wow. I can remember very vividly one year ago this time of morning I had already called your Nonnie and told her "this is it, I'm really going to have the baby today". This was the "big payoff" why Nonnie moved back to Shreveport. So she could be here when you, Anna, were born. And to watch you and your sisters grow up. To be a part of your lives. And she has. She has been here for everything from dance recital to baptism to first birthday party and everything in between.

From this time of morning (around 9:15) a year ago, it will be a few hours before you are born. I will sit and try not to move so as to give your Nonnie enough time to get here before labor starts in earnest. After she finally arrives we all play "Phase 10" around the kitchen table. (Yes, it's cleaned off enough to do that - shocking yes, I know) Your brothers are both here as are your sisters and Daddy. We have some lunch (sandwiches) and I finally can not stand it anymore I want them to tell me I am in labor and we go to the birthing center. They confirm I am indeed in labor and we commence to play cards some more. I finally cannot stand everyone watching my every move, every breath, every word so I go upstairs to rest and relax. I eventually tire of just laying there so we move to the bath tub and I eventually tire of that and move back to the room. Finally, I start feeling sick to my stomach and send Nonnie for some food (two blocks away). While she is gone I move back to the bathtub and by the time she gets back I'm pushing. You didn't take long to push out but I was sure glad you finally got out. It's not the most pleasant feeling pushing a baby out. I want you to remember that when I'm mean to you. I did push you out, you owe me. You were born at 7:20 in the evening and by 1am I was back home in my own bed with you in the cradle.

This is you with Nonnie. Your first picture with her. What a cutie you are! Even covered in that birthy stuff you're cute. Your brother, Aaron, was the one who weighed you. He also was at your every beck and call. If you made a sound he was there to pick you up. I thought you were going to be spoiled rotten before you were a week old.

This is the picture that got the "blog" started. This is Sadie reading to you. It was too sweet to pass up and not share.Your first Christmas.
Your first Easter. I can remember sometime in February being at Stein Mart and seeing the absolutely precious polka-dot dresses in sizes for not only your big sisters but one for you, too. I couldn't resist. I called your Nonnie and, of course, she got them for you. Yeah, call me shallow but 3 adorable girls dresses alike...I was excited for Easter to come. Yeah, I know there's a whole other reason for Easter but let's face it...y'all were cute! And I praised the Lord for it.

And now, somehow with distracted (at times) parents, two big sisters who think you're a toy, and 3 cats you've managed to survive your first year. I can't imagine our lives without you. You, Anna, are a blessing sent straight from God. I rejoice everyday for you and marvel at every discovery you make. Happy Birthday, Anna, I love you. Mommy

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