Thursday, August 10, 2006

just us two

Ok, so I didn't think it would be so ummmm...quiet, so...nobody-going-behind-me-and-messing-things-up-the-second-I-get-it-clean, so...Anna-it's-your-turn-to-amuse-your-mother around here when the girls went to school all day everyday. Anna knows how to point to things she wants. You may think there's a picture of that on here but you'd be wrong!
This is Anna amusing her mother with her cuteness. I think she likes the way the world looks like that, she does it ALOT.
More amusement for mother...Banda is in the desk with Anna blocking the only way out.
See, I told you Banda was in there. This is Anna standing. Something else she does ALOT of. Dang her.
Yes, I know Banda has red eye but Kodak doesn't. I tried to get the Kodak program to fix it then tried to manually fix it to no avail. Still a cute picture, don't you think?

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