Saturday, August 12, 2006

A party for Anna

Today was Anna's birthday party! She turned One year old. Thank you to all who came (and also read this blog) you made her day special and you are all special to her.
This is Anna in her birthday finery. Joan Kolp gave her this outfit right after she was born. I have been looking at this outfit for a year waiting for her to be able to wear it and about a month ago, I decided it would make it's debut at her birthday party. I think she looks smashing.
First piece of birthday cake. I think she liked it. She was very ladylike in her eating of the cake.
This was Sadie's attire for the day. Her Easter dress from 2 years ago, black shoes that laced around the ankle and knee high stockings which when she first put them on were thigh highs. I guess in this picture they had fallen. And in case you were wondering (and don't ask how we know) she had on black panties.
OK, maybe not so demure. But this is almost as messy as she got. She got a little in her hair and you can't see her stomach which she used as a napkin.
All cleaned up after cake. I think she likes her ride-on toy her Daddy got her. Well, she likes the phone anyway. The girls like to push her around on it. (Hence the reason we know what color underwear Sadie was wearing - the dress isn't that long when she was standing straight up, much less when she was bending over.)

Again, thank you everyone for making Anna's day special.

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