Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Two-thirds there

Today was the first day of school! After we dropped off the kids the PTO put on a "boo-hoo breakfast". The principal came in and said he was disappointed, that we all seemed happy, not boo-hooing". Are you kidding me? I might cry when I drop Anna off but don't put any money on it. I'll probably be doing a jig out the door.
This was Madeline at 7am this morning. She did not want to get up. Sadie was even trying to help her get dressed (I tried to get a pic but it never happened, Sadie gave up before Madeline ever got out of bed).
Sadie, all dressed and ready to go. Oh she looks happy to be going to school but can you believe the school called me and told me she was up in the office with a STOMACH ACHE? I thought I would crawl through that phone and strangle her. I'm sure that wouldn't go over very well with the school, seeing how they like their students to live through the day and all. But, oh my goodness, I asked to speak to her and told her that if I had to come up there I would be bringing Pepto Bismol and she WOULD be staying. She ended up staying after I told her to go eat her lunch and see if she felt better - with the tone of voice that said "you better feel better or I will be coming up there and tearing your ears off". I mean really, use the stomach ache excuse when you have a test you haven't studied for...oh, excuse me am I saying too much?
Madeline, a little more awake, happy, dressed and ready to make an impression on the world.

Try as I may to be totally together, we got to school with only 2 minutes to spare. I tried but nothing would gel this morning. Hopefully things will go a little more smooth tomorrow morning.

And miss Anna with her first fat lip. It doesn't look so bad in this picture and it ended up not being too bad but it did bleed a little and her poor little pitiful hurt cry was heartbreaking. She was hanging on to the piano bench (where I was practicing) and I don't know what happened but there was a bang and then the wailing. Bless her heart.

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