Thursday, August 03, 2006

Katie's new home/exciting news

So my friend Katie moved last week. I went to see her new house today. I miss her so much. When I got out of the van, I turned to see the view and this is it. Ignore the trash bins, they're not always there. Look at the lake. There are also two playgrounds around the lake. One on the near side and one on the far side.
I had a picture of Katie holding Anna in front of her "hobbit door" but I noticed in the picture that she wasn't having a very good hair day so I opted not to put that picture in. I'm sure she'll appreciate it. You'll see the "hobbit door" in the pictures.
This little area is right by the front door which is in the next picture. Isn't it cute? It's like a hobbit hole door and window with the curve at the top.
This is Anna making it up the stair with the help of Mark (Katie's youngest son) and Jerry (the dog & the watcher of children). See the hobbit door to the left of Mark?
They have a phone booth in their house!!!!! Sadie got in there and said "I've got to get off of this planet". I had to get a picture of that.
They also have a basement! - as a side note- If you watch "Ghost Hunters" you'll notice the "light orbs". But Grant and Jason would say they are just dust particles. I'm sure that's it. Anyway, this staircase leads to a huge basement.

OK, now I have exciting family news! First you need to know, in case you don't Chris and Lindy Wangler are pregnant. So are James and Rica. If you haven't met Rica yet, you will soon, I'm sure, and she is very lovely. She is a great addition to the family. Now, the exciting part. James and Rica are carrying on the twin tradition. They are expecting their twin blessings around mid-March. Congratulations, James and Rica, Chris and Lindy!

And now an update on Rachel and Eden...They both came home on Monday evening and are doing fine. Eden (full name: Eden Jude Urias) still has the c-cam but as I understand it, as long as he's breathing OK they're hesitant to do anything surgical at this point. So, thank you for your prayers, they do work!

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