Sunday, April 01, 2007

Life goes on

After Madeline's soccer game today, we went to the park. We went to celebrate Madeline playing soccer and Sadie NOT making it on to the Stardusters. We found out Friday but in the monsoon of stuff going on, I forgot to update you all. She's really taking it well. I'm not sure how she'll be tomorrow at school when alot of her friends made it and she didn't. Oh, and I am now the president of the PTO. Don't even ask how that happened in the middle of all the stuff that happened last week. You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

Madeline really wanted to conquer the "flying triangle" (my name for this apparatus). Here you see her just reaching it.

Sadie being a monkey as usual.
Anna is a sharer.

Ok, I need some help here. If I'm going to letterbox in the spring and summer I really feel I should know what poison ivy and/or poison oak look like as I am HIGHLY allergic. Can anyone tell me if either of these two pictures are either one? I know the second picture looks like a certain "weed" that may grow in certain island paradises and can be used to make a certain inhalent for one to escape reality, however, I seriously doubt that that is growing in a park in the middle of Arlington, Texas. You never know!

If neither of these is them and you happen to have a picture on your computer, please feel free to send it to me. I cannot imagine a reason in the world why someone would have that in their computer but stranger things have happened.

More goofin' around in the park.

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