Monday, February 26, 2007

Grandma's house

"No! Not Oscar night again!"

I think Anna doesn't care for Oscar as much as I. Oh well, there's time yet to win her over.

I was glad Jennifer Hudson won and Alan Arkin, however, "Little Miss Sunshine" was the only movie up for Oscar that I saw. Isn't that just sad. Again, I vow, that someday, I will see ALL the movies up for Oscars (Best Pictures).

I thought Penelope Cruz's dress was georgeous as was Helen Mirren's. I thought singledom becomes Reese Witherspoon, she looked FANTASTIC. I like Jack Nicholson bald and Tom Cruise and Clint Eastwood any way they look. Clint just always looks classy. I also thought John Travolta's wife Kelly Preston's dress (animal print ) was a really bold choice. I mean, really, who wears animal print to the Oscars?

We went to Conrad's Mom's house today. Here she is with all three girls. I don't think I have one picture of her with Anna. I lied. There's one of her holding her the day after she was born.

Conrad and his Mom.

Sadie and Madeline playing in the backyard - fomerly the pole vaulting practice area, the 9-hole putting green, the baseball diamond and place of famous bombardment games. Conrad was telling me all these things that that backyard had been. With 10 kids growing up there I'm sure there were alot more variations on those themes.

My sweet "honey".

This video was also taken in that creative backyard.

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