Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Saturday after Christmas

Every now and then, even big girls need snuggle time with their Mommy. Puss was no exception. As soon as Sadie sat in my lap, he came crawling up lookin' for some lovin'.
We went and got Auntie B. and Uncle Howard at the Airport on Saturday. This is them in all their glory! Go Air Force!
When I had gotten back from airport duty, I noticed someone had affixed Anna's binkie to her face with a band-aid. Very creative. I've often wanted to place velcro on the sides of her face and binkie to keep the "where's the binkie" game down to a minimum.
Later, I went out into the garage and heard alot of leaf rustling outside of the garage. I thought to myself, "that doesn't sound like a cat" and went out and there was the newest "Pogo". I'm sure it's one of the original "Pogo"s prodginy but there's no way to really tell. I don't tag them and study them or anything. But this thing came right up to me, freakin' me out!

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