Monday, June 09, 2008


Friday night the school had an ACA Dad's club Campout. The first of what I hope becomes an annual or semi-annual event. I can totally see one of these in the fall as well as the weekend after school gets out. Great job by the Dad's club (Bill Depoy). Yummy food, great location (Loyd Park in Arlington, on Joe Pool Lake) and wonderful company.

Home away from home. Yeah, the pegs don't really hold it down when you can't get them hammered into the ground. That's why it looks like it's floating.
My friend, Susan, has a sixth grader who decided to use terribly inappropriate language at school two days before school was out. One (and he had several) of his punishments was that he had to wear this sign at the campout. And, while it doesn't look like it phased him in this picture, he was actually embarrassed at having to wear it. (I'd be embarrassed because inappropriate is spelled wrong - sorry, Susan, I couldn't help myself.)

Here are the fellas playing poker. Conrad (bottom left hand corner) came in third.
Anna finally conked out about midnight or so.
Our campsite had the tree everyone liked to climb. I can see why.

We also planted a geocache in the park. My first ever to plant, however I wasn't aware when I planted it that I couldn't use UTM coordinates so I can't put it on until I can convert the coordinates. If that totally confused you, sorry. I know I have a cousin (Hey, Taylor) who can probably help me out on this one. Probably knows a site to go to, etc. I've found sites, but I don't know what zone I'm in or other important questions they ask. I'll let you all know when I finally have my first geocache posted on the geocaching website.

I went through a scare with my camera. After the campout, I couldn't find my camera. I knew I had it on Sat. before we left, but after that, I don't remember seeing it at all. Well, lo and behold, after everyone left yesterday (some of Conrad's family came over, including John from New Mexico) it came tumbling out of my bag. It had been hidden in some clothes. Whew! I've got graduation pictures to take this weekend!

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