Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wow! What a day we had at school today. I say "we" because I was at school all day - with Anna and it was exhausting! I don't know how those kids do it day after day.

The third grade had a luau to celebrate their fantastic TAKS scores and it started in the morning. The kids had stations to participate in like tattoos and buckets to throw fish in, water balloon toss (see picture below), duck races, hoola-hooping, etc. They had music playing and the teachers - so wisely- got the sixth graders to man all the posts so we parents could just enjoy watching our children do their various activities. Thank you, teachers!
This is Sadie participating in the water balloon toss.
And, Sadie hoola-hooping (with Anna behind her).
The hoola-hoops had multi-functions.
Anna put herself up in the tree and I couldn't resist the picture.
Then, Madeline had her "ocean program". I volunteered to help set up and while we were setting up, Anna took this opportunity to show she actually could sing in front of people.

This is after the program, when the first graders had their own party. This was Madeline playing "ocean bingo".

They sang 3 songs. This was my favorite one. I pan down to Anna on it because I looked down and she was trying to do the motions, too. Enjoy!

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