Thursday, June 05, 2008

End of School!

The yummy thing about yesterday's luau (see yesterday's post) was that Becky made her oh-so-delicious-and-always-appropriately-decorated cookies. Since I didn't attend the food portion of their luau (went to Madeline's ocean program instead), Becky brought me my very own cookie today. Isn't she the sweetest?
How cute is this cookie?
And, of course, it was delicious!
You may have to click on this picture to enlarge it to be able to tell what it says. Let's just say that the first graders will be giving the rest of the school a run for their money when it comes time for them to take the TAKS test!
Awards ceremonies aplenty today. This is Madeline receiving her Exemplary Honor Roll, Citizenship and P.E. Award. That P.E. award was only given to two people in her class. Way to go, Mads!
Sadie receiving her Exemplary Honor Roll, Citizenship, and Participation in the Spelling Bee Awards.
She also received an award for having a piece of artwork chosen for the Young Masters Art Exhibition.
Both my girls did a fantastic job this year. Next year, Sadie will need to work on making sure she brings home things she is supposed to do, as well as bringing them back after she's done them and Madeline needs to work on her math facts this summer (even though she made an "A" in math!).
Now on to summer. Our first activity is actually a school function. The Dad's club is having a camp out tomorrow night. Oh joy. Back to nature. I'll let you know how it goes.
The wind is driving me nuts!

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