Friday, June 27, 2008

An odd post

What is this? Heck, I don't know. But, I was sitting outside making sure the kids don't kill themselves and the neighbor kids in the new little pool we got for these hot summer days when I looked over and saw this hanging in the tree. I can't remember where the alien came from, I think a goodie bag from a birthday party. Ethan's I think (like y'all know Ethan). fascinated me so I took a pic with the phone and here it is for all of you to see.

You never know what you'll see at my house.

I will be gone for the next week. Notice I said "I" not "we". I, me, just moi, get to go to Branson, MO with my sister for a week of rest and relaxation. I have a friend who casually mentioned she had a timeshare that she wouldn't be able to use this year, "would anyone like to use it?". Oh, did my mouth open quick? So, it's gone from our little family going (too expensive with all the extra attractions up there) to trying to get the females in the family to go to just Wendy, Pamela and I and now it's just down to Pamela and I.

Wendy's husband is being sent to Afghanistan July 22. Please pray for him, for her, and for the kids. That's going to be almost a full school year that he'll be gone and Austin (their son) will be starting middle school this year. Just keep him in your prayers. "Dear God, place angels all around James while he is in Afghanistan. Let him be wrapped in your arms of safety. Be with Wendy and the kids during his absence. Let his time away seem short and give Wendy patience and forebearance to withstand all that will come her way during this time. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen." I'm sorry, did I pray that out loud? Well, allrighty then. Now, we'll just trust that God will do his job.

OK, that brings up another subject in the same realm. Pretty deep so strap on your boots...

Let's say your beloved one is out late and you pray to God for his/her safety. Is it showing no faith when you pray it over and over? I mean, really, He heard you the first time. Do you think that saying it again and again is going to help? I tend to be a repeat pray-er. Almost a mantra. "God be with him, keep him safe" over and over. Then one day, I thought, "my goodness, leave the Man alone! Do you not think he heard you the first time? He's tuned you out by now just like you do your kids when they say 'mama, mama, mama' a thousand times". So, now, I say "God be with him, keep him safe - sometimes I pray for no policemen to be around if he's speeding- and I trust you to do that and I will not worry about it anymore". Sometimes that's enough and sometimes it's not. Enough for me. I'm sure it's plenty for Him. Does any of this make sense?

That's my deep thought for the day. Please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me with your thoughts. I'd really like to hear them.

And, please pray for safety for my sister and me on our journey. For us not to end up killing each other. After all, we haven't spent more than a few hours with each other since, heck, I don't know when. A few years, anyway. I love her and she loves me but sometimes....well, you can figure out the rest, especially if you have sibilings. And remember to keep James and Wendy and the kids in your prayers. I'm all for a mantra on that one.

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Wendy said...

Thanks Lisa!!! It means a lot to me to know I have people praying for me and thinking of our family. I will miss being with you and Pamela in Branson. I know you will have a great time, though!