Friday, April 28, 2006

Girls weekend

"Girls night" make-overs, jammies, brownies, pizza and staying up (too) late.
Madeline didn't think I put nearly enough make-up on her so her sister helped out by increasing the color on her face. Please note how she enhances her natural beauty.

Why 7 year olds are never nominated for Oscars or Emmys for make-up. Actually, Sadie did one side and Madeline did the other. Interesting because they had to agree on colors...kinda.

Conrad went to Louisiana to help my sister out. Since we (girls) would only be in the way we stayed home and are having girls weekend. Fun for all involved and exhausting for the older of us girls but what the heck...memories are being made.

Excuse that first picture up there, I chose the wrong one and don't know how to take it off of the blog. I sure have alot to learn, don't I?

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