Tuesday, April 04, 2006

necessity is all that...

Call me mom-giver (pronounced like McGiver - not like a person who gives although I'm nothing if not that). I spent many hours at the VA today with Uncle Ernie (and my mother-in-law - and we're all still alive) and not only did I forget to bring the stroller (in my defense it was a last minute emergency run) but I also didn't have a binky holder. Thank heaven I had a binky but after the sixth time of trying to find a place to wash off the thing after it had fallen or been tossed to the floor, creating a device to keep it off the floor became an obsession. Using only the things found in the canteen, which were more limited than I imagined, I fashioned this binky holder. I used sterile gauze strip and a badge holder. Not bad if I say so myself.

Not that I ever think that Dr. Brown or anyone who knows her will ever read this but she is a God-send. What a great Doctor. If anyone at the VA reads this blog, Dr. Brown in Clinic 2 needs a raise and a commendation. She treated Uncle Ernie with respect and courtesy and aleviated his pain and got to the heart of his problem today even though other Doctors were trying to thwart her and wrenches were thrown in her direction. I can't say enough nice things about her. But I'll stop there. Except to say "thank you, Dr. Brown".

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