Sunday, April 16, 2006

Little Momma

This is Rachel. She's the one we're praying for during her pregnancy. She is in for the Easter Holiday. I think she looks amazing. I only wish I looked so good pregnant. I asked her how the baby is doing and she says she thinks the c-cam is getting bigger but the dr.s don't. But, she is seen by a different one every time she goes so she's a bit (maybe I understate?) frustrated. Let's keep praying for her and the baby and let God take care of it.

I'll have CUTE easter pictures tomorrow. I already have them but thought Rachel was more important tonight.


salynn said...
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amber said...

Whoa! There's Rachel! She's an adorable pregnant lady. And your kids are SO CUTE.

Could you e-mail me more about what's going on with Rachel and the baby? I'd heard a few things from my husband, but we haven't gotten an update in awhile...I'd like to offer her some support if she needs it.

e-mail is groovular at rocketmail dot com.

PS The above deleted comment is from me - I signed in under a different user name and I realized you wouldn't know who I was that way.