Saturday, April 08, 2006

If a tree falls in the forest...

In between the young artist show (see other entry) and the flashlight easter egg hunt (our reason d'etre for friday) we were eating pizza calmly and quietly (yeah right, we had six kids under the age of 9 in the house) when all of a sudden the wind howling outside changed into what sounded like a major clap of thunder. I don't know what made me realize it was a tree limb falling onto our house but I did and went outside to survey the damage. I forgot to take my camera but after Jon Michel came over and started working on it (Conrad was at his soccer game) I remembered to document at least a portion of it.
These are some of the limbs after Jon cut them down and threw them off.
The triumphant tree warrior. I don't know if he volunteered for this because he was concerned for our safety or his inside a house with 6 children under the age of 9.
Treeman Jon cutting down bigger portions of the tree. After this picture it got dark but neighbor Phil came over to help try and pull down the rest of the big limb as it was over the utility wires and Jon didn't want it to fall on there. They couldn't get it the rest of the way down. But that's OK, they did a great job and it was much quicker once Phil brought over a chain saw. Jon was using a hand saw.

It couldn't have happened at a better time. Conrad will need wood today to smoke the brisket we're having when about 20 or so people converge on our home.

After playing tree man and the flashlight easter egg hunt, Jon and Tylar and I played Jacks. I was soundly beating them both until Jon caught up with me. I made the costly error of forgetting I was on sixies and picked up seven and that left the door wide open for Jon to come back. The game ended tied.

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