Friday, April 21, 2006

There are other children in the world!

This is Matthew from down the street. He liked the kitten. He and his two brothers were at the house yesterday, seems only fair. Madeline and Sadie are at their house ALL THE TIME jumping on the trampoline. I love their mom, Katie. We always laugh when we're together. She's a hoot.
from "can I go to Mark's house"? Words that come out of Madeline's mouth at least once a day. He's Matthew's brother and he kinda liked the cat, too, but I really think he just wanted his picture taken. By the way, Mark was (probably still is) the biggest baby born in Texas. (all natural, by the way) His mom is a real hero in my book. I'll ask her how big he was again (I never remember) and let you know.

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