Thursday, November 16, 2006

Life happens

This was a "yoga" picture from last night that didn't make it but I thought it was cute.

Tonight was "Thanksgiving at Arlington Villa" where Aunt Betty and Uncle Ernie live. They always invite family to come out and bring a dessert. So, tonight we had dessert before dinner (a practice which I could whole-heartedly adhere to 365 days a year). The girls loved that. Thank goodness I had to go to choir practice and Conrad had to deal with the aftermath of that. I couldn't have after the day I had (which I will get to in a minute).

Aunt Betty enjoying some pumpkin pie.
Not the best picture of Uncle Ernie but he's having some of his favorite, Pecan pie. Me? I had some absolutely scruptious chocolate, peanut butter something or other cake which was to die for. It was chocolate cake with peanut butter flavored filling, Reese's PB cups crumbled on top with more of that peanut butter flavored filling dabbled in the empty spaces and little tiny chocolate chips around the sides and the top edges. Whoever brought that , if they are an employee at Arl. Villa, they need a raise. That was just plain good.

OK, so my day...I'll just jump ahead to the stuff that made me feel REALLY bad about my ability to parent. Last night, after procuring Kelsey to babysit Madeline and Anna, I told the Girl Scout Leader that I would chaperone as well as carpool some girls out to TCU for a nutrition "lesson" - for lack of better word. I had to talk Sadie into going but said she would because I promised to chaperone.

Fast forward to today...3:00 I call Kelsey's mom to inform her that I will be barely getting home in time so I need to just drop kids off and run. I don't even get that far when she informs me that Kelsey has choir after school (unbeknownst to her last night) and can't babysit. WHAM! My choices now are 1) send Sadie anyway, she really will enjoy it if she'll go or 2) Take Madeline and Anna with me. Hmmmmmm, I really like #1 but I PROMISED I would go. So I suck it up and decide to live with taking a 5 yr. old who won't be able to participate in the activities and a 1 year old who will have to sit in the stroller (even though for her that's pure torture).

When I dashed home after finding out the no babysitter situation, I had Sadie go change clothes (a major eruption of emotion during that activity-on both our parts) and I put the fundraiser cookie dough, that I had just picked up in the freezer, so it would stay delicious. I asked Madeline if she needed to go to the bathroom. "NO" she says. The back of my mind says "make her go anyway" but sometimes I don't listen. Just ask my mom. So after aforementioned outburst of emotion off we go to the park to meet up with the other girls.

While waiting for the other girls to show up, I allow Sadie and Madeline to play in the park. Madeline comes up to me and says "when you asked I really didn't have to go, but now I do". IT WAS 5 MINUTES AGO!!!!!!!! I tell her "too bad". There were no restrooms around there. We were near a school but I have no idea where anything is in there and if I can even get over there and back before it's time to leave (which was in 2 minutes). She goes back to play. So the other scouts get there and I tell the leader of the babysitting predicament and she says "no problem". Fine. "Is there one of the girls we can send Madeline with to go potty"? "Yes" she says and off they go. As they are leaving I notice that Madeline didn't wait. Peed right in her pants. Well, I can't take her now! And the change of clothes that is usually in her backpack is at home by the front door right now for some reason.

I break the news to Sadie. She is NOT happy. I am NOT happy. And I am certainly NOT happy with Madeline who until this day has been able to hold know... for eons. It takes alot of coaxing to get Sadie to go anyway but she did. I felt like one of those "coddler mothers". And I am not a coddler. Well, at least I don't think I am. My main problem was I promised her I would go and I ended up not being able to. I felt horrible for that.

This was only a small portion of my day. One of the worst portions but only a small portion. So you can see why I am having a glass of wine right now and am going to go to bed directly after finishing this.

Oh, here's something else for you. While we were waiting for Sadie to get back, I made these videos. The one of Madeline gets annoying quick so there's your warning. The one of Madeline won't upload so you're safe for tonight.

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