Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Kid tested, mother -could've been- approved

I came from the kitchen area where I had just hugged and kissed (at the request of my middle daughter) my husband (she loves to sit between us on our feet while we canoodle) and this lovely mess greeted me. Silently, stealthily my youngest daughter had managed to pry the bag of cereal out of the KIX box. Well, woohoo, here's what happens when a 14 month old has a bag of cereal. Just in case you were unsure.
Repentant, she helped her daddy pick up the round piece at a time.
With an occasional break for a snack. Well, could you resist?

And on another personal note, Uncle Howard, I'm glad you made it through your surgery . Get back up on your feet soon! I love you.

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