Thursday, November 30, 2006

Snow day

OK, well, we'll just start off with stuff that stinks when you're a parent. I try to always encourage my daughters' creativity and allow them to concoct things or make things out of stuff around the house. However, my middle daughter, Madeline, has taken to wanting me to eat these concoctions. This particular one (pictured not so well here) is a combination of: pixie stick, marshmallow, tootsie roll (encased in the pink goo) and yogurt. She REALLY wanted me to eat it and was VERY hurt that I wouldn't. I tried to get her to taste it but she thwarted that with "I made it for you!". What's a mom to do? I waited until she wasn't looking then scraped it into the garbage. And, no, I never told her it was good or that I ate it. I do NOT want to encourage this particular area of creativity and giving.

Next: My dear oldest son's girlfriend (whom by the way I think totally rocks) sent this blowup SpongeBob chair for the girls. Cute chair, cute concept. Only problem? One chair, two kids to sit in said chair (Anna couldn't give a rip). I've now instituted the rule that goes in the van for the middle seat. On even days Sadie gets to sit in it, on odd days, Madeline. Madeline didn't like that because she has to wait until tomorrow to sit in it. I have to give it to her, I think she knows as well as I do that the likelyhood of that chair lasting until tomrrow is slim.

My oldest daughter has an odd idea of dressing warmly to go out into the sleet and snow.

I am showing this picture because when I went to do traffic duty at school today I had on this jacket. I totally forgot it was advertising a bar. Mr. Simon (the Principal) said he should fire me right there, that I was probably breaking 3 or 4 laws just standing there. I reminded him that it was a frightful day to be standing out there and he was lucky that I was and we could always say ...gain basement was worn away. ( The jacket says "Airport Bar.) It is one of my warmest jackets and big enough to wear over sweatshirts.

I love this picture of Madeline, it's just joyful.
I took this video so you could all see how it's snowing around here.

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