Saturday, November 18, 2006

Flags of our Fathers

Today's blog has no pictures. I want to tell you what happened today.

I took Uncle Ernie to see "Flags of our Fathers". A movie directed and scored by Clint Eastwood. And a great job he did on both. I knew when we got there we were in for a treat because when we went in, (early) the credits were still rolling from the previous viewing and all the people were still sitting there. That only happens in movies where you are mesmerized into immobility.

We sat through many "first looks" and commercials since we got there so early and then the previews, then the movie. Wonderful movie. I whole-heartedly endorse seeing it. I love the Oscars and if this isn't up for one as well as Clint for director, then they're tainted as far as I am concerned.

About 3/4 through Uncle Ernie turns and asks me if I am enjoying it. I answered I was and asked if he was and he said "de ja vu". When you see this movie you will appreciate more that comment. How horrific is war. How heroic our soldiers (past and present) who give their lives selflessly for our and others freedom. And how guilty do the ones who live through it feel? How well did Clint Eastwood bring to life all of those things.

We, too, sat still during the credits as I imagine you will should you choose to go see it. And several people came up to Uncle Ernie and said "thank you for serving during the war" or words to that nature. (He had his WWII Veteran hat on.) And after the last one left he said out loud but I think I was the only one who heard "Yes,I am a veteran".

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