Friday, November 10, 2006

Halloween leftovers

I had to go to Tom Thumb (a grocery store for those not familiar with this area) tonight to get some various items. They had Halloween left-over grab bags for $5. I couldn't resist. In mine came a set of Halloween wine glasses (plastic I think, but still festive) a really cute large votive candle holder with spider webs on it, a dozen tea lights with black cats on the top by the wick (hope that makes sense) some sprinkles, some cupcake papers, 2 bags of Quaker chocolate chip granola bars (a personal favorite), some bulb replacements and this decoratable cookie set (4 cookies!).
Madeline decorated these two. No help from Mom, thank you very much.And this is her beginning to eat it. Starting with an eyeball from the looks of it (get it? looks of it?) Ha Ha, I crack myself up.

Sadie decorated these. I only outlined them, she did all the inside work and all the raisin/gumdrop placement. Yummy.....OK, she doesn't like raisins she found out after using 3 boxes of them to decorate with.

I'd have paid $5 for the peace and quiet that came with them diligently decorating these cookies. I'm so glad I listened to my intuition. WooHoo!

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