Friday, March 21, 2008

more pictures

As promised, I have more pictures from Spring Break. These were taken with my Iphone, I had already taken my purse (which was holding my camera) back to the car because I was tired of lugging it around.

Outside of Bass Pro Shops there was this template for pictures. I took these in the exact order you see here...

And, here's pistol packing Nonnie! The girls just had to see the gun. Don't worry, the ammo and some other part were in separate parts of the house, so as not to be able to be used all at the same time (at least while they were around).
I am AMAZED at my mother's enthusiasm with this shooting thing. She appears to be good at it, according to the body target things you shoot at at the range. She had them for us to see. I am truly impressed with her ability. Way to go Mumsey!

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