Monday, March 03, 2008

Thursday, we got the Easter dresses that I ordered for the girls (because I'm too lazy to actually drive to Target, get out of the car and take the children in to look for them). Anna and Sadie tried theirs on immediately. Mads was having a kinda-crappy day so she waited (mainly to frustrate her mother). As soon as Anna put her dress on, she started dancing like a ballerina. It was precious. I had to prompt her to move out so I could get her dancing but she continued for a bit for me so I could get this video.

Friday, Sadie got to spend the night at the school for a Lock-In. How many of those did we attend when we were her age? Oh my, I couldn't even begin to count. Anyway, Mads wanted to build a fire and tell scary ghost stories. But first, we had to play in the backyard. Here's Conrad playing ball with the oppossum. Madeline was afraid the 'possum was going to come down off the fence and get her. Not likely, dear. That 'possum is WAY more afraid of you than you are of him. Especially with all the shrieking going on.

Here he is up close and personal. This is not the same one that lives in our garage. How do I know? Well, duh...I asked him. Oh, I crack me up!

This is Anna being the "two-binkied monster". And in case you can't get a good look at the two binkies (hence the name...)

And here's Mads as we're telling scary ghost stories. If they got too scary, we had to stop. Mine was "The Ivy Covered House", taking a cue from all the ivy growning all over the back of the house. Not too scary, but entertaining.

Yesterday we were watching our pianist from church walk to her car and Madeline said "I like Miss Ann's dress, it's very her-ish".

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