Thursday, March 27, 2008


Well, if I paid attention to stuff like this, I would have told y'all on my last post that it was number 400 for this blog. Quite a milestone if you ask me. We'll really celebrate on number 500 (assuming I actually pay attention!) So, this is post number 401! Yay, me!

Today was an odd day. At ACA, it was student appreciation day, the Griffin Buck Truck (which I am in charge of) ran, Madeline had dance and it was Eatsie's night (the night when ACA is invited to a restaurant and a percentage of the proceeds goes to ACA). A very busy day by all accounts, however....

Yesterday, Anna started running a fever. The only time she let me keep the thermometer under her arm the whole time, it registered 100.3 which means it was really 101.3. Yuck. By the time she went to bed, it still hadn't broken so no school for Anna today which sent my whole day into a tailspin.

Normally, when the Griffin Buck Truck runs, I drop her off at school and go back to ACA do the Truck until time to pick her up. I had to find someone to run the truck for me. Susan (my friend and VP) was signed up to work the truck all day as well and she couldn't even talk by this morning so I felt compelled to find someone to relieve her, also, so she could rest.

I had already agreed to pick up the donuts for student appreciation day so the big girls and I got up extra early to go pick up donuts, then we got to the school and I passed out "star-student ducks" which were given to 5 students in each class, chosen by whatever means the teacher decided. (Ducks have been a running theme this year with the Truck).

Then I came home and rested with Anna (who didn't feel feverish anymore) until about 10:30 or so which was when Wendy (my cousin) called and said they were coming through on their way from La. to back to Colorado. I was to meet them at Taco Cabana. So Anna and I went to Taco Cabana and visited with Wendy, James (who is about to be a Major in the Air Force), Austin, Alysse, and Ashlea and Mrs. Evelyn who is a family friend and traveling up to Colorado with Wendy and James for the "Major" ceremony.
From left to right: Alysse, Ashlea and Austin who is still car-sick, which is why he looks like he does.

Then Anna and I came home and Anna napped while I got some laundry done and then we went and picked up the girls, took Mads to dance then after I picked her up, we went to Joey's Pizza and participated in Eatsie's night.

It was a weird day, knowing the Griffin Buck Truck was running and I wasn't "driving". Anna being sick (or at least on the downside of it), seeing Wendy and family and not having to cook. Oddly relaxing, yet still weird.

And, I cannot walk outside that I don't get a headache. I guess it's that time of year. I'm sick of the headaches. No other symptoms like runny or stuffy nose, itchy eyes or anything, just a headache and overwhelming tiredness. However, the tiredness is probably from being extremely busy and hating headaches so much. Hate takes so much energy.

Sorry, didn't mean to get grumpy and whiny.

Oh and Madeline was a "Star Student" so she got a "star student" duck. I was so proud.

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