Thursday, March 06, 2008

Snowing again?

Well, first things first. I have a job! It's nothing huge or earth-saving or anything else but it's work. I am working for a mother at the school who runs (with the help of her husband) a non-profit basketball club - out of her home. So far, I have shredded mounds of paper, folded laundry and helped clean up the website of the club (deleting players no longer there). So far, I've worked 2 days for about 3 hours each day. Hey, we're not going to Hawaii on the money but it sure eases things a bit and I feel like I'm helping at least one person!

Today, I was at work (sounds funny, doesn't it?) when I got the call that ACA was going to close at 12:30 due to the weather. Now we had been watching the weather out the multitude of windows at my place of employment (a home) and so far all we had seen was rain. Hmmmm, when Mr. Simon sent out the message, he said it was sleeting. Sure enough, when I got in the car to go get the girls, it was sleeting. Then we went home and had some lunch (their second, my first) and then went to get Anna. By the time we got home from getting Anna, it was snowing like nobody's business. Here's a picture of it.

And, here's a quiet video of it. (This was as quiet as it got in my house the rest of the day.)

Sadie has started her own blog. You can access it here. And, she also does a webshow (not anywhere on the web, but we got a load of them on my kodak program). Here's her latest one.

She'll be very excited that I included it in my blog today.

If you would like to add her blog to your favorites, the address is:

Enjoy the snow.

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