Monday, March 31, 2008

Secret Pals

First things first! Congratulations to James (my cousin Wendy's husband - that's who I went to see last week and put the pictures of the kids on the blog - remember?). James became a Major in the Air Force today. I would have given anything to have been there to show my support, however, he is in my prayers and I will brag about him on here.

Way to go, James! We are all so very proud of you!

Now, all of you, please say a prayer of support for James that he is able to perform his new duties and uphold his new position with all the integrity and caring and inspiration that he has shown up to now and that God will walk with him in his new "Majorness". By the way, James is a Chaplain in the Air Force, stationed at the Air Force Academy. God be with you, James!

OK, now for last night's post that would have been posted, had I not come home from the festivities wiped out. I'm such a light weight when it comes to partying anymore.

We (the MBS choir) have Lenten Secret Pals every year and we have a big reveal party and this is the first time I've been able to attend. Boy, did we have fun!

Chris and Mike (I will withold last names since I don't have their permission to post it) were our hosts and what a beautiful home they have. Thank you, Chris and Mike for having us.

The theme for food was appetizers (since I can't spell hor's d'oevers - or however you spell it) and YUMMY we have some great cooks in the choir. This is the table (some food came in after I took this so there was even more by the time we ate).
My secret pal was Elaine (in the red shirt, opening a gift) and she was great. My favorite gift was a sonic card that has coupons for things like a Route 44 drink for 99 cents and I am guessing it's never ending since they have NEVER taken the coupon when I've ordered one. Thanks, Elaine, you were a great secret pal!
And, there was definitely a theme last night with the gifts - can you guess it? Yep, WINE!!!! By far, the most popular gift given. Maybe that's saying something about our choir?
Chris, our hostess with the mostest! Thanks again, Chris (and Mike) you put on a great party!

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