Monday, March 06, 2006


Lest you think this is just Madeline blowing a bubble...really it's the way she blows them that's interesting. She first chews the gum, takes it out of her mouth, flattens it out with her hands, then sticks it back in her mouth and blows the bubble. It's really amusing.

Now I'm going to try to put another picture on here below these words... OK, it doesn't work. I'm going to try and find someone who can help me with this little problem. I can only put photos at the beginning of the blog and sometimes I want to "pepper" my blog with photos. One must be able to pepper to feel complete.

In the meantime, look forward to the cute little picture I have in store for you tomorrow...

By the way, not a very exciting Oscars. Reese Witherspoon, could she be any cuter and she did very well on her acceptance speech. No really crappy dresses except I think it was Charlize Theron who had on that big bow on her shoulder? I think the "glam squads" all liked it but it did nothing for me personally, just looked big and bulky. Felicity Huffman...3 words, "wear a bra". My goodness! The girls were hangin'. I realize the dress didn't lend itself to wearing one but they make tape or something for those instances, don't they? She's still beautiful. Conrad was a little disappointed that J-Lo was all covered up. The host Jon Stewart did a good job. No worse than David Letterman but certainly he's no Billy Crystal. That's about it for my Oscar recap - oh, except that I truly believe that the Oscars has lost some of it's loftiness or dignity when they voted a song called "It's hard out there for a pimp" best song. Over Dolly Parton? Oh Pahleese!

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