Friday, March 24, 2006

six flags

Tonight I did a very brave thing. I took the children - by myself - to Six Flags. We were given tickets by a choir member and although she is a soprano she does have her redeeming qualities. Generosity (and humor) among them. It was a birthday party for former mayor Tom Vandergriff. And didn't I feel important driving up to the gate and the marquee saying "closed to the public - private party" - and going in anyway!

This is Anna - waiting yet again for her sisters to ride another ride.
This is her sisters riding another ride. Don't they look like they're having fun?
This is Anna riding her very first ride at Six Flags. I was thinking it was her first ride anywhere but I believe she's riden the carousel at the mall. See how concerned I was with safety? I didn't even buckle her in. Awww, she was OK, she didn't fall out.
I don't know if you can tell but they are going REALLY fast. That's them in the orange bucket. They were actually working together to make it go really fast. That's why I included this picture because it may be the only time we see cooperation from these two.
Here is our benefactor for the evening. She's in the dark coat looking back (it's easier to see when it's bigger - sorry). I guess I have heard that Ellen was a former Miss Arlington but it sure did slip my mind. Persis Ann (for those of you who know her) was also a Miss Arlington (I'm sure everyone but me knew that, too) - she's the one clapping in the red coat - and they along with one other former Miss Arlington (whom I don't know and never heard of) lead the singing of "Happy Birthday" to Tom. In the very left of the picture amost at the bottom, the white thing with the blue ribbon going down it is the birthday cake (real one).

The girls totally enjoyed themselves. Thank you, Ellen. It was fun to be there for the festivities.

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