Friday, March 10, 2006

Jump for heart

I have to tell you, usually when I upload my images, they are in the opposite sequence that I chose them. Of course, this time they're in the same order so you're cute picture of the day is first.

Madeline, never one to shy away from the camera says "take a picture of me with Anna" and how could I resist taking a picture of Anna with her first wrestling match with markers. She's 6 months old for heaven's sake, how could she manuever herself over there AND take the caps off. Oh well, it washes off, I think. Just kidding, it's off.

Next, Sadie's school did Jump Rope for heart today. This little girl was one of two second graders left jumping in the "last one jumping" portion of the event. She had such determination and focus on her face I couldn't resist the picture. She did not win, unfortunately. Sadie's class had to jump over the rope while it was still on the ground. For the record, she can actually do it the right way, but not all of the first graders can. So they warm up, then have a freestyle contest and then the last one jumping contest. She did well in the freestyle showing some very creative moves.

And she lasted longer than all but about 8 or 9 of her classmates in the last one jumping. Here you see her still smiling after all those jumps - she's still jumping in this picture. You can see lots of kids already sitting behind her. GO SADIE!!

I am very proud of Sadie. She did very well.

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