Thursday, March 02, 2006

no cute pics of children this time

You may be wondering what this is...(and this will tell you how inane I can be) this is a bead (no, it's THE bead) that goes on the strap of my cell phone holder. This bead has come off of this holder more times than I can count. I always just say "well, it's gone now - I have no idea where it came off". As you can see I find it every time. I found it again today. If this were a winning lottery ticket, I would find it a day after it expired. A diamond ring? I'd never find it. But a worthless bead? Find it every time.

Conrad says "you can't 'bead' it. Or "It's a venerable bead". I didn't get that last one but he said I could put it on here and someone would get it.

Please keep praying for Rachel and the baby. It's not looking good but I know miracles occur.

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