Sunday, March 12, 2006

Riverdance and cleats

Very exciting stuff! My Mom, Uncle Ernie, my Mother-in-law and I all went to see Riverdance today at the Bass Hall. What a georgeous place and what a fantastic show.

After one particularly musical part, after the applause and all was quiet, my mother-in-law says "wasn't that drummer great?" in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear. Uncle Ernie responds "he's there to keep the rhythm". It was an amusing, to say the least, exchange. My Mom and I are still laughing at that one. I've heard more about that drummer. She wanted to meet him but for some reason we (my mom and I) didn't linger at the stage door. For the record, he was really good. I highly recommend this show if you haven't already seen it.

This picture is of Madeline's new cleats. Sadie has some and dang it, Madeline needed some, too. After all, she does go to her Daddy's soccer games and before the games and during half-time she and Sadie get to kick the ball around on the field. I want you to notice the socks. It's not everyone who can wear a pair of lacy, frilly socks with cleats. Madeline sure can.

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