Friday, May 12, 2006

Computer problems

This is the only other non-feline soul in this house until Sunday. It's very quiet here. Jon just left. We watched "Just Like Heaven". It was a cute movie. Yes, I will take the blanket off her face in a minute.

I must tell you of my computer woes this morning. Let me start by saying that last night we went to opening night of the Ft. Worth Cats (minor league baseball team). Sorry Michele, yes, I skipped choir for it, I'm not proud but we all make our choices and we have to live with them. OK, having said that...

On our way out there, I realized I forgot the camera. I truly wanted to turn around and get it but thought my family would disown me if I even suggested it so I pondered and came up with "well, there won't be many kodak moments out there". WELL, let me tell you...We saw - Championship rings being handed out, Fergie Jenkins (baseball fans will know, non baseball fans won't care), Dodger (the mascot) being flown in on a police helicopter (is that really the wisest use of this public resource?), Madeline posing with said mascot (that one is captured on my phone but I have no way of knowing how to download it), a victory for the Cats, a pretty decent fireworks/laser show and lots of hunky visiting team baseball players all standing around where we parked. That last one was really the icing on the kick me because I forgot the camera cake.

A good time was had by all especially Uncle Ernie. However, we didn't get in until after midnight. How my daughter functioned at school today (and with core knowledge testing, to boot) I have no idea. I need to relinquish my card in the good moms club. OK, on to the computer...

This morning I was going to look up something on the computer and it rebooted itself just out of the blue. It finished and my attention was diverted by that cute little baby I'm always posting pictures of and I turn around and the computer goes black. You can tell there's no power to it and it's just dead. Well, it was too much for me to handle after not much sleep so I went and put Anna down for a nap and snuggled with Madeline (with my eyes closed) while she watched cartoons (again, no good mom card for me today). As I'm trying to rest my weary brain/body all I can think about is this computer. It's broken, we'll never be able to get it fixed, I don't think we kept the box they tell you to keep just in case you need to send it in to be fixed. Do we have a warranty? And most importantly, what about my blog? How much will happen and how long will it be before I can get the computer fixed so I can update my blog? Weeks? Months? Oh, woe is me!!!!

After I rested awhile I got up and started trying to figure out what to do. I unplugged and plugged the power cord then I decided to turn off and on the power strip that all the plugs are in and noticed that the strip is plugged into an extention cord (is that really smart? I'm thinking "no"). I check the extention cord and lo and behold it's not plugged in. I plug that puppy in and voila! Everything starts turning on. I FIXED THE COMPUTER!!!!!!!! Now my friend Katie says that I didn't fix it. I say I found the source of the problem and got the thing working again. That's fixing it.

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