Monday, May 08, 2006

I had the time of my life

I went to Nichols Jr. High's spring choir concert tonight. I love going to these things for several reasons. One is because I love to support those kids who I've seen grow up and I think they should feel like it's a special occasion when they do programs like this. Special enough to get even the neighbors out. Another one is that seeing kids (especially those you don't know) singing and dancing with everything they've got is great fun. Sometimes everyone is in time but, more often than not, there's usually one or two who have NO rhythm or go left when everyone else goes right. Those moments are priceless and uncatchable on film(or digital apparati in my case).

These are a few highlights of the evening. We knew going in that Kelsey's Dad would be doing something, we just didn't know what. (Kelsey is the one we went to go see.) This is her Dad (Phillip) with an obvious case of nerves before the big event.

OK, you see the front row of highlighted girls? The second one from the left with the longish blonde hair is Kelsey. They are singing "Hey, Mickey". The theme of the evening was "One Hit Wonders". Other songs sang were "Achy Breaky Heart" (which I'm sorry but Billy Ray had more hits but whatever...) and "Ghostbusters" again, I think the crooner of that had more hits.

The finale was the ending of "Dirty Dancing". If you've ever seen it you know it ends with the "Camp Song" and it gets interrupted with "I Had The Time Of My Life" and the infamous "nobody puts Baby in the corner" scene. Then "Baby" "dirty dances" with the "bad boy" and eventually jumps off the stage into his arms. Well, in this rendition, Kelsey runs up the aisle and jumps into her daddy's arms and does a beautiful pose in the air. It was tissue time for our row. This is them as her daddy catches her on their way up.

I had to put this in...I had a perfect view until neighbor Ricky showed up and sat in front of me. Sorry Ricky, just had to do it.

And here's your daily dose of Anna showing you how she knows how to play "peek-a-boo". She's so smart.

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