Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

This is the heart that Madeline made for me at school. Those colorful things are little plastic round things that they melt together. Pretty cool.
I included this picture because Jon looks like his attitude toward "A Chorus Line". This is Uncle Ernie, Anita and Jon outside the Bass Hall. Beautiful place (I know I say that everytime I go but it is). The show was good but probably not the show a first timer to Broadway should see. (Jon fell asleep.)

These are my beautiful roses and gardenias my girls brought me for Mother's Day. Sadie brought the yellow (same color as her hair) and Madeline brought the pink ( same color that she had on). I made them into 3 arrangements and put one in the kitchen and one in my bedroom (along with the gardenias, sure improves the scent in there!) and one in the girls room. After all, why shouldn't they have pretty flowers in their room, too?

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