Wednesday, May 03, 2006

This is one of Rosie's favorite pasttimes...gecko gazing. We have geckos that walk on our window beside our door and -in my world- eat all sorts of things that could attack and/or harm us or otherwise be bothersome. Well, tonight Miss Princess Banda decided that Rosie is going to like her and going to come around to her side, like it or not. It could have happened...had she not decided to approach during gecko gazing.
Banda: "See how cute I am? Look at me, I'm going to play with the big black cat's tail while he swooshes it back and forth". Teehee...
"I'm going to get it!!!!"
"Ooooohhhhh Nnnnooooo, he still doesn't think I'm cute. Man, didn't he see the way I crept - ouch! quite bopping me on the head! hey! quit that, that hurts!"
I had to include another picture of Sadie reading to Anna. Her school is in the midst of a fund-raiser where they have to read for so many hours and get people to sponsor them. They call it a "non-product based fund-raiser". I call it "ask people to give money to the school with nothing to show for it". I think a cuter or more fun fund-raiser would be to have people say "I'll give you a dollar (or whatever amount) for (for example sake) Sadie to read to Anna while standing on her head and take a picture of said challenge and post it on the blog. However, I don't think everyone has a blog so I guess that wouldn't work school-wide. Although, I will open it up to my readers. If you would like to challenge Sadie to read to Anna in some challenging or demented way (don't get too demented) I will be happy to take a picture for a donation to Sadie's school. And as always, I am NOT offended if no one takes part in this. It just came to me and I hope I haven't offended anyone.

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