Sunday, May 28, 2006

Little Women

Toes in order from left to right: Barbara, Lisa, Rachel, and Anita (all Wanglers). Check out those new shoes on Barbara!
How Barbara got all those toes (plus Madeline and Sadie's) painted after finishing off this pitcher of Sangria I'll never know.
This is Barbara in action doing Rachel's toes. Rachel is here until sometime after the baby is born. She is 30 weeks now (just 7 more until the baby is full term) and is feeling fine. I think she said that now is the time the growth will do it's growing. Let's just keep her and the baby in our prayers.

We Wangler women went to see "Little Women" the musical today. It was very good. According to Barbara and Anita, all the players had moles on their faces. I had to tell them it was their microphones. It was very funny. But I will tell you the props (couches, chairs) would move in and out seemingly by magic. We couldn't see any cables, etc. If anyone would care to shed some light on this, we bumpkins would appreciate it. (Consensus theory is remote control.)

Then we came back to our house for enchiladas, beans, Sangria and Margaritas. While we women ate, the men and Madeline went to the Ranger game. And while they were at the game, we went to Payless shoes (BOGO going on! - see previous pic of Barbara's new shoes) and Wally world. DO NOT let Barbara in Wally world after a few glasses of sangria! She's all over that place! And then we sloughed dead skin off our feet and painted toe nails. Then, finally, the men and Madeline got back and visiting and laughter ensued. A great time was had by all. Thank you, Barbara, Anita, George, Paul, Rachel and Daniel for such a wonderful time. You're welcome here anytime. And thank you Dana for the beautiful pitcher as you can see it was perfect for the Sangria.

Clairifier: Driver to Payless and Wally world had not partaken of aforementioned Sangria or Margaritas. (at least not until she got back!!!!)

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