Monday, February 05, 2007

catchin' up again

Man, time sure flies by. I just realized I haven't blogged in a while (well, 3 days is awhile for me). My mumsey is the one who told me " I haven't seen a new blog in awhile". I told her that I haven't had time that I had been trying to get my house in order - and to aid in that, I spent my superbowl sunday (during the game - I watch the commercials) moving all the stuff around in the dining room so as to clean my kitchen floor. It looks BEEEEEUUUUUTIFUL! Well, it did last night anyway.
These pictures are from whatever day it was that it snowed. Anna is enjoying the latest puzzle books. She sometimes will bring me pony-tail holders and back up to me so I can put them in her hair (hopefully you can see at least the one in her hair, that's why it's stickin' up). Do you know how my heart soars when she does this? Finally, a girl who wants her hair up? Sadie's only just now appreciating a good hairstyle. Madeline wants to because she knows it makes me happy but can't quite muster up the gumption to let me put it up. Oh, she'll put 16 clips in it but let me put one? Forgetaboutit!
She so looks caught but I don't think she was really doing anything bad. Being cute? Guilty.
This is Anna with snow in her hair. It was really coming down.
This picture was taken today. One of the moms up at school who has a daughter named Madeline asked if Madeline would like this bag. I told her she probably would and sure enough, she was thrilled.

I have to brag on my girls. They have both stopped sucking their thumbs. They had some help, in the form of a concoction named "mavala". You put it on the thumb and it has a horrible (according to them) taste. The first night, Madeline sucked hers anyway and kept wiping her tongue with her shirt. Yuck! But I haven't seen her suck that thumb since then. I swear I can already tell a difference in Sadie's teeth. Probably just my imagination but that's OK. Don't tell them, but I keep applying the mavala on their thumbs at night and will for awhile and then just every now and again. I LOVE THIS STUFF!

Favorite blogs were: August 13 (Anna's birthday/birth story)
Don't know the date but Anna saying "Daisy" video
Some said "ones that I'm in" (as in the writer, not me - the author of the blog)
And I had one that the favorite was the one I staged in the snow and the one with my mom and Anna at church at Christmas.

So there you have it. Those are people's favorite blogs (the ones I heard from anyway).

Y'all pray for my mumsey, please. She's got something wrong with her head that's causing headaches (aside from having a daughter like me) . She's having an MRI and an MRA tomorrow. I think she had a spinal tap done today - ick! Just say a prayer that they find what's wrong and can do something about it. Thanks!

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