Friday, February 09, 2007

Time to Pray

Dear Blog Readers,

My sister Allison sent me this message today and I couldn't have rewritten it any better so I am sending it on as it is. If everyone will just say a prayer for this family, I know God will hear us. Pray that this family will feel God's hand and be comforted and shored up by Him.

Visit the website, the baby is precious.

I thank you and so does my sister and this family.

Dear Lisa,

We have some good friends who desparately need a miracle. Ben and Becky Powell are a young couple from our congregation. They had their first baby two months ago, and wednesday, (Feb. 7) they went to the pediatrician for a "well-baby" visit. Dr. Haynie (young Dr. Haynie) found a lump and tested Ethan's blood. When the nurses checked Ethan's white count, they thought the device had malfunctioned. Apparently the number was so high, they couldn't get an accurate reading. Dr. Haynie sent Ben, Becky, and Ethan over to Sutton Children's Hospital (at Schumpert in Shreveport) to recheck his white count. The number was off the scale, 1.5 million+, the diagnosis, leukemia. A few hours later, Becky and little Ethan were on a medical plane to St. Judes. By that evening, Ethan had taken his first chemo treatment. Yesterday, the doctors gave Ethan a 15% chance for survival.I've never ever written anyone before to pray for a miracle, but I'm doing it now. This couple is exhausted and worried but holding onto faith with every ounce of energy they have. They and their baby need to feel the hand of God and the prayers of His people.

I know that you believe in the power of prayer, and I know that you are surrounded by a group of believers who are prayer "warriors." Please share Ethan's story with them, and ask them to pray for healing for Ethan, and for a miracle for Ben and Becky Powell. If you want to read updates or see pictures of little Ethan at St. Judes, Ben has been trying to keep everybody informed on this website:

(Sorry, but I don't know how to hyperlink it)


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