Sunday, February 18, 2007

If I close my eyes...

Anna is now at that age when she's going to be doing things she shouldn't. Sometimes if I raise my voice to her and tell her to stop she close her eyes as if to say "I hope she disappears while I'm not looking" or "I'm going to my 'special place' for a few minutes, don't bother me, I won't hear you anyway". I hope to capture this on video sometime, it's quite humorous.

Here, she has emptied powder all over the floor and this is her attempt at looking innocent. "No, Mom, I don't know how that powder got all over the floor, I've been sitting here innocently looking at this...well, whatever this is".

She spilled her crackers/goldfish and I was trying to get her to pick them up. She'll pick up for a bit then she's done. But the look of "I didn't do it" is still there.

Madeline is off visiting my mom this weekend. I'm sure she'll come back with all sorts of things that only a grandmother would buy. And, that's her prerogative. When I went to my grandparents, we always walked to 7-11 and got however much candy we wanted. I can remember the first time I got a whole DOLLAR worth of candy. Man, I had gotten ALOT of candy. It was an embarrassment of riches in the candy department. Grandparents are notorious for spoiling and my mother is a direct descendant from the best of them.
Sadie in her natural environment. Oh, earlier, we were at the nursing home and Sadie was climbing the tree outside Uncle Ernie and Aunt Betty's room. Anna was outside with her. Well, Sadie got stuck so she sent Anna in to get one of us. Sure enough, Anna went in but went right instead of left. It was a tense few minutes until Conrad spotted her. After I knew she was alright, I told the gathering of nursing home personnel "I don't know where her parents are, but I sure will try to find them and let them know they need to keep a better eye on her".

I think the best part of the story is that Sadie sent Anna if 1) she understood what Sadie said and 2) that she would be able to get that information across to us when she got to the room.
And, finally, Anna doing something that's OK. Of course, when I brought the chalk in she wanted a piece to color on the floor of the kitchen...

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