Monday, February 19, 2007

edible art

Because tomorrow's Mardi Gras, and because the kids were home today for President's Day, and because I'm just plain crazy I decided to get wacky with Pizza. Last year on Valentine's Day we made heart shaped pizzas. Tonight we made mask shaped pizzas and decorated them with pepperoni and black olives. This is Madeline's work of edible art.
Just the shape (I did that). Although, she probably would have done a better job.
Pizza sauce added.
A Mardi Gras mask needs feathers, of course.
And the sparkly black olives complete the pizza, er, mask, oh whatever you want to call it.
I made this one for Conrad. It's a fox, just like him. TeeHee! See the dough "stick" used to hold the mask - there on the right side? How clever am I?

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