Friday, April 13, 2007

Stormy day

I have already typed out this blog once this evening and I went through my evening last night and my entire day today. Then, trying to put the video on here, I lost everything. It exhausted me thinking about putting all that back on here (it exhausted me living through it the first time) so this is the "kinda condensed" version.

Miss Sadie and my mom are in Houston this weekend to shop with Sadie's Godmother (Nanny, my sister, Pamela) for her first Communion dress. I've seen a very tiny picture of their choice and it's beautiful.

Meanwhile, Madeline had a birthday party to go to today after school. It was at Chelsea's Tea Room. Here are the highlights:

Well, OK, this is Anna. But, it's Anna while the girls are jumping in the bounce house. (It's INSIDE this place).

The birthday girl gets to be queen for the day. I don't know why it says "princess" on her chair.

The girls get to choose party dresses and play dress up. This is Madeline's "before" picture.

Her "after" picture.
Gettin' all dolled up.
Madeline with Caitlin...ooops...Queen Caitlin.

This is her cornating "Princess Madeline".

Anna, trying to ascend the throne.
After "tea" and light snacks, the girls get to parade around the outside while their adoring fans wave to the royalty.

After the party. We had just enough time for us to go home and get Mads changed into her soccer uniform for team pictures. (Shameless plug...Major Images Photography does BEAUTIFUL work. You should see the pictures they have on the walls.) OK.... back on track. During this time, a bad line of storms is moving in and all of us parents are watching the clock and wondering if we're going to get out of there in time to make it home to safety. Finally, we're done and off we go. When we got outside the sky looked HORRIBLE. I was very nervous but tried not to let Madeline know. Off I went to outrun the tornadic looking sky.

I started taking pictures of it.

Looks ominous, doesn't it?

This picture is when we were being whisked away by the tornado. Not really. I was taking a picture while I was driving. I know, not a smart thing. But, had there been a tornado in this picture y'all would be calling me "brave", not "not smart".

I thought I was getting a video of a tornado in this clip. Watch it then, I'll explain.

Did you hear the freight train? Well, while you are sitting at a red light, hail hitting your van,hearing the tornado sirens, looking at the tornadic sky, you don't realize there is an actual train going by. I truly was wondering where the heck the tornado was. Where were we going to hide? We were certainly in a quandry. However, then I saw the train and I felt much better.

Now for your kitty pics of the day.

No name little cutey.

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