Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Squeaking toy

This particular blog is not for the weak of heart. It shows nothing graphic but you can just imagine...

This morning I was working on the computer when I hear this squeaking noise and I thought "wow, Anna sure has that fine motor skill thing down" because it was squeaking pretty fast, as if an adult were squeaking a rubber duck or something.

It continued and I finally had to see what she was doing so I turn around to get up and I see Puss looking at Rosie who has the squeaking thing is his mouth. I thought "man, Rosie has that squeaking thing down!" because again, it was squeaking pretty fast.

I look closer and he drops his "squeaking toy" only to be revealed as a live young bird. Yipes!

Rosie and his "squeaking toy".

So, I pick up the bird on a piece of paper and place it out on the bush out front, hoping the parents would find it and take it home or something (hey, I like my dream world).

The bird in the bush.

I then put Anna down for her nap and since this is by her window, I check things out, only to see the paper on the ground. So, of course, I have to go investigate. I go out and I see the paper on the ground and NO bird anywhere. I see a cardinal and it's mate (I'm guessing here - I saw no wedding bands) and they seemed agitated so I thought they had found their baby and were trying to figure out how to - oh I don't know - get it back to it's nest? (Again, I like my dream world.)

So, to me, all is right with the world. I've done my good deed. I've saved a bird from certain death and dismemberment.

I walked back into the house and there's Rosie with that bird under the desk. aaarrrgggghhhh!

I pick the bird back up and put it in the hanging flower pot in the tree out front this time. Here's what happened while I was out there.

I left not too long after this so I'm not sure of the fate of this little feathered friend. The basket was empty of our little squeaker. But in MY world...Little baby bird cheaps and his parents hear it and fly down and feed it some mushed up worms giving it strength to hold on tight to it's Daddy's strong wings as Pops flies baby home to be happily reunited with it's siblings. That's what happens in My world. See why I like my world?

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