Wednesday, April 04, 2007

What a day

There will be no pictures on tonight's blog. The only pictures I took have to be shown only Sunday and after. I finally got around to taking the girls pictures in their Easter dresses. How demure my daughters can be. NOT.

Last night, I was preheating the oven for the gourmet meal of -and you must say this in some European accent - frozen pizza (hey, it had garlic crust, what do you want from me?). When I notice smoke billowing out of the oven. On Friday night, Conrad had put briskets in the oven to finish cooking and juice spilled over the pans and got on the bottom of the oven. I've cooked something in the oven since then and it smoked a little but nothing like this. I also saw what looked like flames and sure enough when I opened the door, there were little fires in the oven. I thought we may die of smoke inhalation before it was all over. I had all the windows and doors open. It was REALLY smoky in here.

So, then and there we decided to use the self-cleaning part of our oven for the first time, ever. Do you hear that? EEEEVVVVVEEEEEERRRRR. Conrad does the honors of getting it all closed up and ready to go. I, meanwhile, call my neighbor, Lisa, and ask her if I can borrow her oven for about 20 min. I would have cooked some other gourmet meal but my pizza was already defrosting and over-ripe for cooking.

The pizza was done to perfection - Lisa's a much better cook than I. And, our oven has never been cleaner. And as a bonus, we all survived - no smoke related illnesses.

While we ate we watched the hail (according to my children it was skittle sized) and the rain and a DVD that Conrad's brother had had made of the 8mm films of their family. How entertaining, the first 3 hours. I'm just kidding. It really was fun to see his family in their younger years. Conrad wasn't even a twinkle in his mother's eye yet when these films were taken.

This morning, I did my usual traffic duty at school and I wasn't even home yet when Conrad called me and told me the school called and Madeline has some sort of rash. All I can think is "poison ivy". So, back up to the school I go after stopping for some remedies for rashes.

Sure enough, it looks like it could be poison ivy. I put Ivarest on it and back off for a day of learning she went. This extra trip put me behind on getting the registration for the "Ernie-mobile" so I can legally run the roads in it because I had told Ernie I would take him shopping today. He needed a few things and wanted to go to Target. So I stopped by the nursing home on my way back from school and asked if he still wanted to go. "Sure" he said. So, off I went to the DMV.

Oddly, when I got there, they were on number 39 and when I got my number it was 41. Woohoo! Great timing. In and out in less than 10 minutes. Awesome. Then I went home to get the "Ernie-mobile" and got Anna in it and off we go. I am 3 blocks from my house on a major road and all of a sudden I see the "chair skirt" (for lack of better word) go out under my seat as if something is under there. My first thought is "snake". Why there would be a snake in the van is beyond me, but that's what I thought. Then, when I saw the color of the animal coming out, I thought "raccoon" then rapidly I thought "this raccoon has been in this van since Saturday when it was last used and must be starving and now I'm it's closest food source". AAACCCCKKKK! Finally, I see that it is "Milkshake" that cat that used to make itself at home in our house before we closed up the cat door. I have never laughed so hard in my life at thoughts I had. That cat was as scared then as I was before I figured out what she was and clawed her way up my leg. I turned around and took her home and laughed myself silly.

I finally get back to the nursing home and try to load up Uncle Ernie in the van and the lift won't lift. So he decides not to go. Then Conrad comes and fixes the lift but Ernie still won't go. Frustrating, yet hilarious day I had.

And this was all before noon.

Ok, if you've read all the way to here, you deserve a picture. Since this one is cute and doesn't give too much away, I'll put it on here. Enjoy!

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