Sunday, April 29, 2007

First Communion

This post should have been done last night. When I sat down to do it, I got the pictures loaded then started writing and our friends came over with their kids and we sat around the chiminea and talked until midnight. Somehow, the post didn't get saved and someone decided to get on the computer so I'm doing it all again, from scratch. Perhaps it will be a better blog because of it.

Sadie in her finery, except the gloves. You'll see them in other pictures. Isn't she lovely?

And, you know what? She wasn't just lovely on the outside yesterday. She was lovely on the inside. Acting like a sweet, mature young lady. She was prepared for communion and knew why we take it and all the answers to all the questions. I'm just so proud of her.

One down, two to go.

Sadie with Nanny, Parrain, and Nonnie at the church.
In the pew, awaiting the big event.
Her hair. It was very hot in the church so it fell quickly. I was hoping for it to last at least an hour or so. Oh well.

Sadie and her proud parents. This proud parent didn't get to actually witness the whole event. I was out with Anna. However, there is a video out there that we will purchase so I can relive it. Plus, Sadie went with me to church today so we took communion together. It was a special moment.
With Nanny and Parrain afterwards at the brunch.
During their communion preparation, they have to make a banner. This is what Sadie came up with.

Nanny being silly - I mean, being Nanny.

After stopping at a garage sale on the way home in her finery. I nearly had a heartattack that she was out in her dress.
New kitty picture. Doesn't she look sweet, hugging her kittens?

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