Friday, April 06, 2007

Opening Day 2007

Take me out to the ballgame...

Today was the home opener for the Rangers. Woohoo!!!!! Here's Uncle Ernie, happy as a clam to be back at the ballpark.

Part of pre-game festivities was having the Air Force Band of the West play for us. They also played for "the largest choir in Texas" singing the national anthem. I kept looking around for the choir. Turns out it was us, the crowd. Who knew? And I wasn't even drinking...yet.

Added this year is the big "T" on "Green's Hill". I don't know if it's for all season or just today.
My favorite part of opening day...the military fly-over. This year 2, dos, count them, two B-1 bombers. Bone rattling noise. TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!
Up close and personal with a B-1 bomber.
Flags unfurled during the national anthem.

First pitch thrown out by Dallas Cowboy great, Micheal Irving.

Jon with a mouthful of funnel cake.
During the National Anthem, Challenger, a bald Eagle flew down from the office building to the pitcher's mound. Madeline happened to be in the bathroom during the whole national anthem and missed not only the military fly-over but also Challenger's flight. She was devastate. Well, later, we went down to the play area for the kids and while Sadie was in line for a game, who did we happen to see? Yep, Challenger, up close and personal. Isn't he beautiful? Madeline got to see him but Sadie didn't.

My girls with a legend.

Coldest game I ever went to we went to see Nolan Ryan pitch. Worth every shiver.

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