Saturday, April 07, 2007

Snow showers bring Easter eggs?

Today was "girls day out". Nonnie is here and here she is with her "Winner's crown" on. Looks like she might be the snow princess today since we had snow showers today. (For real, for those out-o-towners.) She got that crown (I reluctantly tell you) by beating me at cards last night. Madeline made it for the winner. Not only that, but now Mads is her "best, best, best, best girl". I would be the recipient of that if I had won. Oh well, to the victor go the spoils.

The girls outside Half-Price Books. A "must stop" during girls day out.

While we were away, Anna took advantage, drinking after Daddy. We wonder what was in that "Point Beer" stein.

Mads being creative with eggs.

Even Anna got to dye eggs.

Looks like Mads dyed more than just eggs.
OOPS! Hmmmm....what was in that stein?

I hope you all have a lovely Easter. May God bless you on this most blessed of days.

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