Thursday, April 12, 2007


On Sunday, the girls were given (thank you, Michele) some very cute sidewalk chalk. You can see, here, it is in the shapes of butterflies and turtles and ice cream cones. Totally cute, came in a little backpack. Sadie finally got to get creative with it but not for long. More ornate and a larger quantity of pictures will be forthcoming, I'm sure.
Conrad's greatest fear came into exsistance today. Milkshake, the feline interloper, decided to have her kittens in the girls' closet. This picture is not for the squemish. She's just cleaning them up here. There are five of them. The plan is to go ahead and see them through the next 6-8 weeks then take them to Petland (assuming they still need kittens) and take Milkshake to be adopted at the Humane Society. We cannot have yet another cat around and she's really a sweet cat so I'm sure someone will adopt her. And if you believe differently, please let me stay in my dream world - unless you are willing to take her.

The girls couldn't stand being away from the kittens. I had to practically chain them to a post to keep them from picking them up. And, after I took this picture I woke them up and made them move. I didn't want them to squish the kittens. I may not want them forever but I don't need their untimely death on my concience.

Anybody need a kitten? I'll have 5 of them ready in 6-8 weeks.

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