Monday, January 14, 2008

Career assistance

So, I called about career assistance from a particular place.

And, as a side note, perhaps I shouldn't be writing about this while my wounds are fresh. You know, all those wounds from the Cowboys loss, my searing headache from last night (all DURING the Cowboy game, keeping me from cheering them on to victory in any sort of auditory way - that's why they lost, sorry other Cowboy fans - it's all my fault) and hearing what you have to pay for career assistance. However, I will share anyway.

So, I call this place and say that I see they have career assistance. She looks me up on the computer and says "well, I see you didn't purchase it". purchase it? purchase it? Who in the world purchases career assistance? I ask her how much it is and as if even speaking of money will sear the inside of her mouth in a way hot pizza never has, she connects me to the "admissions office" so I can find out how much this career assistance will cost me. The nice man tells me that LIFELONG career assistance will cost me $900, would I like to purchase it. I tell him that if I had $900 I wouldn't need career assistance. He says perhaps they can break it down into payments for me. Well, buddy, if I had a J O B maybe that would be OK. However, if I don't have a J O B I still can't even pay payments. And, I didn't ask, but I'm pretty sure your career assistance has to be paid before they actually assist you. He actually said to me "if you situation changes, call us back". As I am restrainig myself from slamming down the phone, I say out loud - passive agressive behavior at it's best - If my situation changes, it means I have a job and don't need your stinkin' career assistance and then I threw in a good expletive there because no one was around to hear it. Made me feel a little better but I am now still a CMT without a job.

So, while this blog was never meant to document any sort of search, except maybe my sanity - that should last a lifetime - I will keep you all abreast (I know all the men are laughing, it's ok) of the job search. Current mood? frustrated.

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